Things to see, think about and discuss

From here to…

Welcome to a space where I post my thoughts about what I see in the world around me. All the ideas I have can be challenged and I welcome you to do so.


In a little over two weeks, our family will be in a new land.  We are leaving Canada to take up residency in Switzerland. I have been wanting to write about our impending move for quite some time, but haven’t been sure of what to say. Rather than offer a running commentary, and oh whatContinue reading “Leaving”

A lesson

“Dad, can you move the car so I can vacuum it?” she called out to me through the back door. “The cord won’t reach.” “Why don’t you move it?” I replied in all sincerity. “Because I am only thirteen and I don’t know how to drive,” she answered. I went to the singing bowl onContinue reading “A lesson”

Time’s Arrow

Change I could see the remnants of the original forest that had been a part of this land in the distance. Between me and the trees lay expanses of fields carrying crops of corn, beans, and wheat. One hundred and sixty years ago, human beings cleared this land and, generations later, it looks much theContinue reading “Time’s Arrow”

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