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Welcome to a space where I post my thoughts about what I see in the world around me. All the ideas I have can be challenged and I welcome you to do so.


A funiculare is a train that is pulled up a steep slope by a cable. The term derives from the Latin word funiculus, meaning rope, which is what was first used to drag the rail carriages up the steep hillside slopes. These days there are 41 such trains in Switzerland, these days they are drawnContinue reading “Funiculare”


This week, we had Monday off school. It was a beautiful autumn day that called to be outdoors and this saw a visit to the three castles and stone walls of Bellinzona. Bellinzona is a strategically important city which lies in the middle of the Ticino valley corridor that links Milan to the St. GotthardContinue reading “Castles”

Tasting Change

There was something about that day that marked it from the ones preceding it. The cup of coffee, the one I normally grip by the handle, was nestled in both hands as I sat on the balcony in the coolness of the waking morning. Two hands. I was holding the cup in two hands. Later,Continue reading “Tasting Change”

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