22 things I learned this May

Singapore May 2020

Twenty things I learned during this time of isolation from any real social contact.

  1. I can tell the time of day by the number of cars on the motorway
  2. 20km is not a long bike ride
  3. You can microwave frozen chappathis but they end up tasting like uncooked dough
  4. Hot pot is super easy to make with an induction cooktop
  5. I can use my work clothes to dry dishes (while wearing them)
  6. I can use my pyjamas to go to work in
  7. Smoking cigarettes seems to give you permission not to wear a mask
  8. It’s pretty easy to put weight on if you sit on your butt all day
  9. Eating a kilogram of peanuts in a morning leaves you feeling sick
  10. Not everyone has a social conscience
  11. I enjoy shaving in the afternoon far more than in the morning
  12. It doesn’t matter how often I sweep, the floor is dirty
  13. It’s easy to be creative and make tasty food
  14. I don’t like working behind a computer
  15. Pigeons have absolutely no idea where they are flying
  16. One of my neighbours walks around in his underwear with the door open
  17. Hand sanitising your face is a bad idea
  18. I cannot cut my hair as well as the barber can
  19. Wearing brand name sports gear gives you license to stand in the middle of the path checking your phone
  20. I can still laugh
  21. Students can learn if teachers think
  22. Learning is about interactions and connections, not about buildings and tests

Published by Athan Rodostianos

Educator, world traveller, dreamer. The world is there and open. Live it, love it, breathe it share your experiences, be kind, be good.

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