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“There were 672 new covid cases yesterday.” Such words are common these days. Certainly, the current pandemic has affected us greatly; it has drawn our very immediate attention to how quickly lives can change, our lives. No longer can we take the freedom of movement for granted, no longer can we assume that what weContinue reading “Hunger”

Beach Glass

“Sea Glass” is the general term for pieces of weathered and eroded glass formed from glass used on ships, bottles, and tableware that has found its way into bodies of water. As these items reach the shoreline, wave action pounds them into other rocks, breaks them into smaller pieces, and wears away the brittle, sharpContinue reading “Beach Glass”

Why I write

A sliver separates me from the solace that I find myself in and the quieting world outside. A window, slightly ajar, its gaudy day-white frame barely visible in the outer fringes of the penumbra cast by the screen before me, is the gateway. It is the time of hush, the time of transformation. I listen,Continue reading “Why I write”

Being Vegetarian

Last night, I found myself sitting in a poolside deck chair, small drink in hand, listening to and watching children jump, splash, and squeal in joy. It was a lovely experience, it always is to watch children at play. As I did, the unmistakable waft of meat on a grill filled the air, and withContinue reading “Being Vegetarian”

Chalk on blue

Vapor trails are streamers of cloud produced by aircraft engine exhaust or changes in air pressure in clear cold humid air high above the earth’s surface. This is the basic science, this is what I once saw. Now I see differently. The charm of the verdant sward lulled him as he lay within its lushContinue reading “Chalk on blue”

Beyond the recipe

When I was a child, I didn’t really have much association with the kitchen. This space in our house, often graced by a beaten up copy of Nicholas Tselementes’ Greek Cookery that I still have to remember my mother by, was almost entirely her domain. I may have wandered in and out, and grabbed aContinue reading “Beyond the recipe”

Down to the river

“A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does not play has lost forever the child who lived in him.”  – Pablo Neruda Almost eight years have passed since I last packed my fishing gear and headed down to the river.  Back then, I fished often.  It wasn’t aContinue reading “Down to the river”

The campfire

Last weekend, in the midst of yet another lockdown here in Ontario, as the last rays of the golden sun filtered through the trees, we lit a campfire on our property.  We are fortunate enough to be able to do this, we have the space and the firewood to do so. A campfire is special. Continue reading “The campfire”


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