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Back to work

We were back at work last week, following our three-week winter break. We enjoyed our vacation, even though we were hampered by the ever changing Covid restrictions and testing demands. John’s unvaccinated status also limited our activity. While I was concerned that he might contract a version of the virus, I was also aware thatContinue reading “Back to work”


It is winter vacation time here in Ticino. Elizabeth has flown back to Canada for ten days and Katerina, John and I find ourselves together to experience what we can. A couple of months ago we had talked of plans to catch planes and visit places that were otherwise names on a map, and IContinue reading “Ski”


If this were the beginning of a poem, he would have called the thing he felt inside him the silence of snow. Orhan Pamuk – Snow I didn’t grow up with snow. To visit snow was a good few hours’ journey and, even then, it was to the ski fields, and only for a briefContinue reading “Snow”


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