The first week in Lugano

Just over a week ago we were in Pearson airport in Toronto waiting for our delayed flight to take off. Four hours after the scheduled departure time, we found ourselves in the plane headed to Zurich. It was an easy enough flight, but the delay meant we had to miss the transport the school hadContinue reading “The first week in Lugano”

Why memory matters

We all have memories, but as all of us have doubtless experienced, when we reminisce with others, our memory of events is not necessarily the same as the other’s.  These memories which are of the past, are inaccessible as they really were.  Instead, they are retrieved now, in the present, they are located in theContinue reading “Why memory matters”

Beyond the lines of Reason

I’ve been thinking a lot about schools, children, learning and purpose lately.. I’ve also been listening to a lot, a lot of music that is political, you know. And running through my mind right now is the echo of Maynard James Keenan singing: “Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind Withering myContinue reading “Beyond the lines of Reason”

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