Why memory matters

We all have memories, but as all of us have doubtless experienced, when we reminisce with others, our memory of events is not necessarily the same as the other’s.  These memories which are of the past, are inaccessible as they really were.  Instead, they are retrieved now, in the present, they are located in theContinue reading “Why memory matters”

Beyond the lines of Reason

I’ve been thinking a lot about schools, children, learning and purpose lately.. I’ve also been listening to a lot, a lot of music that is political, you know. And running through my mind right now is the echo of Maynard James Keenan singing: “Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind Withering myContinue reading “Beyond the lines of Reason”

The Complexity of Schooling

I’m currently sitting on a porch overlooking a river valley as I serve out Day 9 of my 14-day mandatory Covid-19 quarantine, following my recent move. I flew out from Singapore on the morning of Saturday, August 8, leaving behind the school I had worked at, a school which went back into face-to-face teaching aContinue reading “The Complexity of Schooling”

What happened to the IB mission?

Today my colleagues and I finished crafting the new IBO Theory of Knowledge course for the school that I have just finished working for. And it got me thinking about how we, as educators, consider the obligation we have to the world around us. The IBO mission statement states – “The International Baccalaureate® aims toContinue reading “What happened to the IB mission?”

The craft of teaching

I am tired.  After thirty years of working in schools, I am weary of the ways in which our work gets battered around.  I am saddened that teaching, the craft of guiding young people in their growth to adulthood is dismissed as trivia.  And it comes from all sorts of places, including from within ourContinue reading “The craft of teaching”

22 things I learned this May

Twenty things I learned during this time of isolation from any real social contact. I can tell the time of day by the number of cars on the motorway 20km is not a long bike ride You can microwave frozen chappathis but they end up tasting like uncooked dough Hot pot is super easy toContinue reading “22 things I learned this May”

What teachers tell parents

It’s parent/teacher conference time here, and in order to minimise the risk posed by the COVID-19 phenomenon, our school chose to hold these conferences digitally. I’m not sure of the overall efficacy of this process, after all it was cumbersome to share student work with parents, but, from my perspective, I found the conversation toContinue reading “What teachers tell parents”

Internationally Minded? Let's see what you think.

Ever since I was a child I have been intrigued by the differences I saw and see between people of different backgrounds. I was a child of migrants and ones that didn’t speak the host country language very well, so my world, especially once into school, was a split one. At home, or outside ofContinue reading “Internationally Minded? Let's see what you think.”

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