The mountains awaken

Even though I’ve been out climbing three times since arriving here so far, nothing has been at the level that I would like. Having to rely on public transport, and the wide geographical distribution of the climbing community hasn’t helped. The three times I have been out have been in a familiar role of introducingContinue reading “The mountains awaken”

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

Sometimes, there are things that children say that stop me dead in my tracks. Last weekend was one of those times. John and I decided to head out into the mountains on Sunday afternoon. We had no set plan other than to follow a little road to its end and walk along a hiking trailContinue reading ““Isn’t it beautiful?””

Finding an alpine meadow

I wish someone had told me there were two towns called Bellavista before Google Map Voice started blurting out directions. I know this now after being led through what seemed like an endless array of twists and turns through an industrial area of Chiasso to a little hamlet inhabited by a cluster of houses, aContinue reading “Finding an alpine meadow”

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