Beach Glass

“Sea Glass” is the general term for pieces of weathered and eroded glass formed from glass used on ships, bottles, and tableware that has found its way into bodies of water. As these items reach the shoreline, wave action pounds them into other rocks, breaks them into smaller pieces, and wears away the brittle, sharpContinue reading “Beach Glass”

Back on the road bike

Today, for the first time in ten months I got back on the road bike in earnest. The place where I currently live is not that friendly to cycling on pavement. Cars, pick up trucks, and semi-trailers hurtle down the narrow roads at incredible speeds carving the air they encounter into a chaos of vortexesContinue reading “Back on the road bike”

Being Vegetarian

Last night, I found myself sitting in a poolside deck chair, small drink in hand, listening to and watching children jump, splash, and squeal in joy. It was a lovely experience, it always is to watch children at play. As I did, the unmistakable waft of meat on a grill filled the air, and withContinue reading “Being Vegetarian”

Chalk on blue

Vapor trails are streamers of cloud produced by aircraft engine exhaust or changes in air pressure in clear cold humid air high above the earth’s surface. This is the basic science, this is what I once saw. Now I see differently. The charm of the verdant sward lulled him as he lay within its lushContinue reading “Chalk on blue”

A new journey – learning Italian

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart” Nelson Mandela I grew up in Australia, fully immersed in public schooling, where English was the language we learned through.  At home and with my relativesContinue reading “A new journey – learning Italian”

A teachable moment

The concept of a teachable moment is common in education. However, what it actually entails, and the conditions for it are not very well understood. Typically, teachable moments are thought of those spontaneous opportunities where we educators, be it parents or teachers, may help a learner enhance their understanding of a concept, theory, perspective, orContinue reading “A teachable moment”

What is your story?

A light breeze from the south had taken the edge off the overnight chill as we embarked down the slender, steep path to the valley below. Underfoot, the snow speckled earth, as yet unfrozen, beckoned caution as footfalls greeted its soapy surface.  “Gentle, be gentle”, it called. “There is no rush.” We had taken thisContinue reading “What is your story?”

Snow – the present moment

Last night, as we all lay sleeping, it snowed. The first real snowfall of this season, enough snow to close all the local schools. I let the children sleep in and woke them gently with the news that there was no school today and that a winter playground had arrived. Outside it was still snowing.Continue reading “Snow – the present moment”

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