“There were 672 new covid cases yesterday.” Such words are common these days. Certainly, the current pandemic has affected us greatly; it has drawn our very immediate attention to how quickly lives can change, our lives. No longer can we take the freedom of movement for granted, no longer can we assume that what weContinue reading “Hunger”

A time like no other to learn

It’s 11:00 pm on Sunday April, 18, 2021 and I have just finished indulging in a delightful cup of tea brewed with fresh sage.  I am fortunate to be able to do so in the comfort that surrounds me.  I am aware of this as I write below. Tomorrow, schools in Ontario go back toContinue reading “A time like no other to learn”

The Complexity of Schooling

I’m currently sitting on a porch overlooking a river valley as I serve out Day 9 of my 14-day mandatory Covid-19 quarantine, following my recent move. I flew out from Singapore on the morning of Saturday, August 8, leaving behind the school I had worked at, a school which went back into face-to-face teaching aContinue reading “The Complexity of Schooling”

22 things I learned this May

Twenty things I learned during this time of isolation from any real social contact. I can tell the time of day by the number of cars on the motorway 20km is not a long bike ride You can microwave frozen chappathis but they end up tasting like uncooked dough Hot pot is super easy toContinue reading “22 things I learned this May”

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