A time like no other to learn

It’s 11:00 pm on Sunday April, 18, 2021 and I have just finished indulging in a delightful cup of tea brewed with fresh sage.  I am fortunate to be able to do so in the comfort that surrounds me.  I am aware of this as I write below. Tomorrow, schools in Ontario go back toContinue reading “A time like no other to learn”

Captured by the moon

I opened the back door and walked out past the wind blown patio onto the greening grass beyond.  Not so different from any other morning since the snows melted.  Immediately, my eyes were drawn to the milky orb suspended grandly in the dawning southwest sky.  The moon, full and bright, called.  And I gazed andContinue reading “Captured by the moon”

A new journey – learning Italian

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart” Nelson Mandela I grew up in Australia, fully immersed in public schooling, where English was the language we learned through.  At home and with my relativesContinue reading “A new journey – learning Italian”

A teachable moment

The concept of a teachable moment is common in education. However, what it actually entails, and the conditions for it are not very well understood. Typically, teachable moments are thought of those spontaneous opportunities where we educators, be it parents or teachers, may help a learner enhance their understanding of a concept, theory, perspective, orContinue reading “A teachable moment”

Why memory matters

We all have memories, but as all of us have doubtless experienced, when we reminisce with others, our memory of events is not necessarily the same as the other’s.  These memories which are of the past, are inaccessible as they really were.  Instead, they are retrieved now, in the present, they are located in theContinue reading “Why memory matters”

Puzzles and learning

Learning, as opposed to acquiring or consuming knowledge, is a complex process. We educators have known this for a very long time, but what learning entails isn’t always so obvious to others. While the acquisition of knowledge is critical to the learning process, the real learning comes with how we structure, link, network that knowledgeContinue reading “Puzzles and learning”

The craft of teaching

I am tired.  After thirty years of working in schools, I am weary of the ways in which our work gets battered around.  I am saddened that teaching, the craft of guiding young people in their growth to adulthood is dismissed as trivia.  And it comes from all sorts of places, including from within ourContinue reading “The craft of teaching”

22 things I learned this May

Twenty things I learned during this time of isolation from any real social contact. I can tell the time of day by the number of cars on the motorway 20km is not a long bike ride You can microwave frozen chappathis but they end up tasting like uncooked dough Hot pot is super easy toContinue reading “22 things I learned this May”

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