Back to the Wall

It’s good to be back. After over two months of being confined to riding a bike for activity, feeling the muscles strain, visioning the breath flow, sensing the feet reach, focusing on the weight shift ever so slightly to reach the next little finger hold feels like meeting a long, lost friend. Today I climbedContinue reading “Back to the Wall”

Why is your entertainment worth more than our health?

Yesterday evening I was having a conversation with a local friend, Karann, over a pint of beer at a nearby kopitiam. We got to talking about the recent revocation of work passes here in Singapore. For those who don’t know, ninety-eight people had been investigated, fined, had their work passes revoked, and were banned fromContinue reading “Why is your entertainment worth more than our health?”

22 things I learned this May

Twenty things I learned during this time of isolation from any real social contact. I can tell the time of day by the number of cars on the motorway 20km is not a long bike ride You can microwave frozen chappathis but they end up tasting like uncooked dough Hot pot is super easy toContinue reading “22 things I learned this May”

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